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Shameek Kundu, Dr. Jesus Luna, Shiv Kumar
Online - Meetup


26. April 2022
18 - 20 Uhr

Artificial Intelligence moves into the center of our lives and business. But how is it possible to keep the AI systems secure and trustworthy? And what does security and trust mean with regards to AI? Learn how AI regulations have been developed in the past, how they are implemented in companies and what tools are available to increase the explainability of AI models and how to prevent security attacks of artificial intelligence systems

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models are used more and more in the business environment today. However, most of the developments are done like software has been written in the 80ties. Without real testing, reviews, and monitoring. But artificial intelligence systems of today are at the epicenter of security threats across industries.

To understand the various challenges, we will investigate historic and current regulations for artificial intelligence. Especially within the financial sector a lot has already been archived. But also, other industries need to define how to deal with possible data leaks and ensure responsible use of AI. One approach to comply with regulations is to increase the explainability of the model, i.e., make transparent how the model gets to its results. Another is to ensure that AI models comply to the same standards of cyber security than other applications in an organization. Yet, there are also already tool available, such as AI Shield from Bosch that help to protect from attacks on AI system.

On the 26th of April from 6-8pm we will learn from a pioneer of Trustworthy AI – Shameek Kundu - on the current state of AI regulations around the world, how AI can be used for the good, and what tools are available to ensure explainability of used AI models". Afterwards, Dr. Jesus Luna Garcia the governance responsible for AI Security at Bosch will introduce us into possible threats for AI applications, how AI can be used to improve products’ cyber security.  Finally, Shiv Kumar - global business head for AIShield at Bosch will show us the new vulnerabilities at various points of your AI systems cycle and how it is possible to protect them against model extraction attacks.


At the end we will discuss regulation, possible threats, and solutions for AI security in a panel discussion.

Shameek Kundu

"Shameek is Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Financial Services at Truera.


Shameek has spent most of his career in driving responsible adoption of data analytics / AI in the financial services industry. He is a member of the Singapore Government's Advisory Council on AI and Data, and the OECD Global Partnership on AI.

Shameek was a member of the Bank of England’s AI Public-Private Forum and the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Steering Committee on Fairness, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency in AI.

Most recently, Shameek was Group Chief Data Officer at Standard Chartered Bank, where he helped the bank explore and adopt AI in multiple areas (e.g., credit, financial crime compliance, customer analytics, surveillance), and shaped the bank’s internal approach to responsible AI."

Dr. Jesus Luna

Dr. Jesus Luna works since 1995 in the field of cybersecurity with both public and private sector organizations in America and Europe.

He holds a PhD degree in Computer Architecture from the ”Technical University of Catalonia” (UPC, Spain 2008) and was a postdoctoral researcher on cybersecurity with the CoreGRID Network of Excellence (Greece/Cyprus, 2008-2009). Jesus Luna has co-authored more than 50 cybersecurity-related publications including scientific papers, ISO/IEC and NIST standards, and a patent. He previously worked as research director for the Cloud Security Alliance EMEA (U.K.), and PKI manager with the Central Bank of Mexico.

Currently, he works for Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany) on topics related to cloud and AI security governance. Since 2019 he is member of the pan-European working group developing the upcoming EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS). His topics of interest include cybersecurity certification, AI security, and security automation.

Shiv Kumar

Shiv is the global business head for AIShield at Bosch. AIShield is an industry-first and patented solution to secure AI systems. Shiv is passionately pursuing AI security adoption across tech communities, start-ups, enterprises, regulatory bodies, cloud platforms, and cybersecurity firms. His core expertise is in scaling innovation from idea to profitable business, with customer needs and benefits at its core.

An engineering & management professional, Shiv has more than 11 years of experience in strategy, consulting and innovation management for AI, IoT & Cybersecurity led products and offerings across world’s leading organizations. He setup the first global innovation hub for High Tech industry practice at Accenture in Bangalore, while building AI & Blockchain based business.

Shiv strongly believes in ensuring trust, reliability, and security for the AIoT ecosystem with an intrapreneurial mindset and end-user representation.

He wants to be a lifelong traveler and enjoys long distance motorcycle rides.

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